PT. Aneza Persada Abadi

Scoop Stretcher
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Separatable-type emergency stretcher for ambulance to transfer fractured & serious patients
At both ends of the stretcher, a hinged separate and joined arrangement is set in the middle, which can separate the stretcher into two parts
The stretcher could strengthen the patients at origin place which could reduce the further hurt to the patients
The patient can be quickly & easyly put on the stretcher and also the stretcher can be taken out from the back of patient without moving the patient
The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to patient’s body
The foot-end is designed as a narrow-frame structure
Made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials
Characterized by its being light-wighted, small-sized, easy carried, use-safely and easy for sterilization and clean
Mainly used for hospitals, sports, ambulance carrying patients and wounded person

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