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Body Harness  KAYA SAFETY TIpe Power Industry
Body Harness  KAYA SAFETY TIpe Power Industry
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IDR 3600000,00


Body Harness

Product Specifications

  • Much lighter thanks to special design anchor points
  • Easy installation and high-level security thanks to its “H" type structure and automatic buckles with indicator
  • Freedom of movement in walking and climbing with elastic leg columns
  • User-friendly D-rings with increased ergonomics
  • Regular and comfortable operation with 6 materials and 8 hand tools carrying straps
  • Protected label for periodic maintenance and monitoring of product life

Size : S/M, L/XL, XXL
Standard: EN 361:2002, EN 358:2018, EN 813:2008, EN 12277+A1:2018, EN 1497:2007

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