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EXTRICATION DEVICE / Kendrick Extrication Device / KED / Body Splint
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This Extrication Device applies to immobilize patients neck and spine whey they met traffic accident. Design permits its use as a versatile splinting device for suspected rib fractures, hip fractures or pelvic fractures.

Chest flaps can be folded back for use of cardiac monitoring or defibrillation equipment.
It may be X-rayed and also can be adapted for use on small children and pregnant women.

Inner material is hard board which is used to immobilize spine;wrap-around jacket which immobilize patients well and also make them feel comfortable.
The outer material nylon is easy to clean and maintain.

It includes color-coded straps with quick-clip which make this extrication device can be used in dimly lighted,narrow place easily and quickly.

Before patient transfered to spine board with this extrication device,use cervical collar to immobilize them in a sitting position.

Configuration :
Wrap-around Jacket, Adjustable neck roll, 2 forehead/chin straps and carry bag.
Material : Strengthen Oxford fabric & bamboo
Product Size : 85x95x57cm

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